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What’s the Difference Between
Good Medicine and Great Medicine?

There are Two Critical Factors

1. The first is deep attention to detail.

Making sure that everything we do is thorough, investigative and with fresh eyes .

2. The second is devotion to growth.

In pushing to pioneer new standards of care for every pet we see.

Because we know what it is to love your pet.

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Anaesthetists are considered to be among the most skilled and vital of our medical practitioners. It is they who hold us in the balance between pain, blissful sleep and beyond.

So much of veterinary work requires anaesthesia. And yet it in so many practices it is under-resourced.

We know that the key to safe anaesthesia is keen intuition and close monitoring and have invested where it counts.

With us, they are in safe hands.


We all know that prevention is better than a cure but in all honesty, it’s not always easy or possible to avoid the need for dental treatment.

In those situations what we bring to you is early identification and a thorough and efficient remedy.

And perhaps even more importantly, effective pain relief and safe anaesthesia.


We know, that the prospect of your pet needing surgery is daunting. We know because we feel the same, even though for us it is part of day to day life.

It’s not unreasonable, things can go wrong. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right team to be looking after your pet.

All of our patients have blood testing prior to the procedure to help identify potential complications before they arise, perioperative fluid therapy to help maintain good blood pressure and intensive perioperative monitoring by people who know. And care.


A skilled diagnostician uses both art and science to solve the complex mysteries of the body.

It starts with pattern recognition and knowledge of available tests along with intuition. It continues with the courage to always ask the question ‘Can we do better?’ and to seek out the answer from the latest literature.

We are proud to have a team of people who delight in learning and collaboration. That’s how our team identifies the root causes of illness, finding the most effective, targeted treatment.

Tests we frequently recommend include:

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood Testing
  • Urine Testing
  • E.C.G. monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

Management of Chronic Disease

You are your pet’s advocate. But it’s hard when they have been diagnosed with a chronic condition that you may not fully understand yet.

That’s why, when a pet has a chronic condition, we make it a priority to empower you with the information and communication channels you need to ensure they live their best life.

To do this we have taken the time to prepare many handouts but most importantly, we want you to know that our ear is always here for your questions, worries and, triumphs. Because there will be those too.

Pain Management & Palliative Care

Sometimes, as much as it hurts to say it, there is no cure. Animals endure their sufferings so nobly and patiently so pain management and palliative care can sometimes be overlooked.

What can’t be overlooked, is the sheer joy that they find when the burden of living is eased by effective pain management and palliation.

When you think that there is nothing more to be done, please double check with us. You will be surprised more often than you expect.

Home Visits

Most of the time we find that we are most effective working in our surgery. Luckily we have managed to make it such a happy space that most pets enjoy their visits to us (we have a very large treat budget…but we’re sure that’s not all it is).

Still, there are some times when a house call is best. If you need us to come out to you we will do our best to make it happen. All you need to do is ask.

Advanced Therapies

Veterinary Medicine, like Human Medicine, is advancing at an ever-increasing rate. This is wonderful and exciting… but it does take a conscious effort to keep up to date!

We invest substantially in the acquisition of skills and equipment necessary to provide state of the art care.

We also ensure that the people in our team have a curious, growth mindset, we set aside time for our vets to study and we embrace collaboration with specialist practices and even other professions to  ensure that we are always ready to bring you the most advanced therapies available.

It’s we want for our pets so it’s what we give to you.

We are here when you need us.

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